Anniversary Photo Frames

Just picture the scene, everyone is at the anniversary party snapping away with their digital cameras and taking dozens of photographs of the happy couple on their anniversary.

What would make a more memorable gift to give them on their special day than an anniversary photo frame or photo album to keep those memorable pictures in.

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Choosing the Right Photograph Frames for Your Priceless Memories

Photograph frames have always been one of the most popular gifts that a person can give to friends, family and colleagues simply because people love to preserve the memories that come with each photograph that they take. There are quite a number of picture frames to choose from however, and when giving them as a gift it is important to consider what type of photo will be put in by the person you are giving it to. It is also important to determine where the frame you are looking to buy is going to be used to make sure that the person who receives it will use it.

Boxed frames are perhaps the most versatile type of frames that photos can be put in, as these provide space underneath the frame for additional photos. The advantage that you have when choosing boxed frames is that the person who receives it can showcase not just one photo but a selection, whilst at the same time providing protection from dust and fading.

Oval frames on the other hand are great gifts for couples on their wedding anniversary or perhaps for a student who has just graduated from university. These picture frames are for the more formal photographs that will look quite out of sync with regular rectangular or square frames. A portrait-type photograph of a couple in their wedding dresses or of a graduate in his or her toga will surely be showcased in an oval frame. Smaller ones are also available for those who want to have miniatures displayed on the bedside table or perhaps the dresser.

One of the more popular types of photo frames on the other hand are square frames. These are great for just about any type of picture that the person receiving it wants to put inside. The beauty of giving a square picture frame is that the recipient can tilt the frame on any of the corners and still come up with a balanced look. These can also be hung on walls to give contrast to the usual oval or rectangular frames.

Regardless of the type of frame that you wish to purchase, make sure that you order from Simply Photo Frames as we specialise in quality picture frames. Aside from the beauty that picture frames lend to a picture, it should also protect the photos for as long as possible. The next time a birthday or any special occasion comes up, consider giving the gift of memories encased in photograph frames.