Birthday Photo Frames

Birthdays are a time for fun, cards, cake and of course…photos. In these days of digital cameras everyone has the chance to catch the birthday boy or girl with a face full of cake but it can be a chore finding the right photo frame to hold that picture.

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Help is at hand as we've compiled the largest range of birthday related photo frames ranging from 1st birthdays right up to 90th. With many different styles and sizes we're sure you'll find the right photo frame for your requirements.

Photo Frames and How to Choose Them

Photo frames are a fun way to remind a person celebrating his or her birthday of the past years that have been captured in photographs. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to allow the birthday celebrant to put in any photo and make it look more appealing. If you’re thinking of gift ideas for a friend or family member whose birthday is just around the corner then perhaps you could buy them birthday photo frames instead of the usual presents. Here are a few tips:
Since birthday photo frames come in various designs, you may want to consider the age of the person you’re giving the present to. Older people tend to prefer frames that are more subdued in design and colour, while children will appreciate intricate and colorful designs. Of course, you have to choose birthday picture frames that are suitable for the person’s gender too. Photo frames that have intricate or delicate borders can be given to women as gifts, while men choose the ones that are not too frilly.
Birthdays are a celebration of life, so you can also find frames according to the birthday celebrant’s personality. If he or she loves the outdoors for example, you can gift them with a photo frame that is made of wood, representing nature. You can also have a frame personalised to reflect the celebrant’s name or initials. This will truly be appreciated by the birthday celebrant especially since a lot of effort went into coming up with a personalised photo frame.
Another idea that you can consider is to have a box frame personalised for the person celebrating his or her birthday. You can order a personalised box photo frame online and have each of your friends or family members contribute a picture of the birthday celebrant and put them inside the box frame along with a few other memorable pieces. Upon opening it, the birthday celebrant will truly enjoy the photos and the mementos that you have prepared for him or her. Photo frames really make gifting easier, not to mention the additional memories that can be stored inside each frame.