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Glass Photo Frames

Glass photo frames are always popular whatever the season as they are very attractive to look at, they can range from very elgant to modern styles and be shaped into nearly any occasion and suit all room types due to their transparency and simplicity.

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Glass photo frames | information on glass photo frames

Glass photo frames can be very delicate and this is what helps them to be so desired upon on a window sill when the sunlight shines through the window and through the photo frame it makes the picture within special and the reflections that the glass photo frame retract just as amazing as the photo frame itself.

Our glass photo frames can cater for almost any occasion and our range has a wide diversity of styles and brands that meet these requirements. Our Waterford crystal glass photo frames especially are perfect for weddings or anniversaries or we have some small photo frames that can be suited for placement on a desk at work in a small room at home. Bring some light and beauty to your home or desk today with some stunning glass photo frames!

Buy unique and elegant glass photo frames today from Simply Photo Frames!

Easy Steps to Create Glass Photo Frames

Glass photo frames can accent your picture with the glossy and shiny effect it provides. Many people love this kind of photo frame as it can complement any furniture displayed with it. However, you must consider the place where you will display glass photo frames as they are sensitive to extreme atmospheric pressures. You must also place them on sturdy table tops to prevent them from falling.

There are different glass photo frames that you can choose from depending on the design that you want. Because of the advances in technology, there are easier ways for glass frame makers to design unique glass frames. However, if you want to make your own, you can actually follow some easy steps to make mosaic glass photo frames that are really good for home decorations and displaying your most cherished photographs.

The first thing that you should do is to apply some adhesives on the cardboard picture frame that you make or buy depending on the size of the photograph that you will display it on. Next, you may now put the glass pieces on the card board picture frame with adhesives. You can put the glass pieces in whatever pattern you like until the whole frame is filled. However, you must leave a ¼ inch space between the pieces. After this, you must allow the glass photo frames to dry for at least 8 hours. When it is dry, you may paint it with the colour that you’d like. You may use grout mix combined with water as a coloring material. Be sure to mix the grout and water until you achieve a consistency like that cake batter. You can use your fingers to apply the grout on the photo frame. This is to make sure that the gaps are also covered with grout. After this, you must let it dry for 10-15 minutes.  Once dry, use a sponge dipped with water to clean the excess grout from the frame. You may need to use several buckets of water to completely clean the photo frame from excess grout. When your photo frame is clean, allow it to completely dry before you place your photograph inside.

A mosaic photo frame is very easy to make. This is a great gift idea for your friends and loved ones. It can surely provide a more unique and personalised look to your photo frame. You can even choose the pattern and color. Mosaic glass photo frames are good materials to display and preserve your most cherished photographs in.