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Umbra Photo Frames

The range of Umbra photo frames stand for quality and design. Created in their studios located around the world Umbra take raw materials and create stunning unique designs in which to hold and display your favourite photographs.

Umbra photo frames come in a range of light and dark wood effects as well as various metals. They also come in a variety of sizes all of which will be listed under each of the products description. Enjoy looking through this fantastic selection. Simply Photo Frames is proud to be an official e-tailor of Umbra photo frames in the UK.

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Umbra Photo Frames: Stylish Pieces for Your Precious Pictures

Because pictures deserve a special place in our homes, Umbra photo frames are the perfect holders of these precious mementos.  Every family has a collection of pictures that are reminders of happy moments.  Whether it’s a baby’s first smile, graduation, birthdays, anniversaries and reunions, there will always be a camera present to capture special moments.  An album chronicles a person’s journey with his family and friends, but framed photos are proud reminders of what we have undergone and with whom we shared that time with.

In this age of modern technology, photographs are often taken with the use of a digital camera.  Although this is seen as more convenient by most people because we no longer have to be concerned about having films developed, our pictures remain hidden in our computers or in memory cards.  If something happens to the desktop or to the SD card, our pictures will be forever lost.  This is a sad reality for more people than we can imagine because we will no longer have the reminders of these special moments.  A wise thing to do is to print favourite pictures and put them in Umbra photo frames so they can be proudly displayed anywhere you want.

Umbra photo frames are known around the world for their unique designs and durability.  The Umbra photo frames are made from high quality materials ranging from wooden to silver photo frames.  They come in a variety of colours that will surely go with the theme of the room where the frame will be placed.  They also come in different designs that will match the personality of the owner.  There are also Umbra photo frames that you can choose for special occasions like anniversaries, baptisms, birthdays and engagements.  You will be happy with the selection of frames in different colours, models and styles.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  A lot of memories and stories are told by a single photograph.  A home with lots of displayed photographs evokes a warm and happy feeling that even the guests will appreciate.  Each picture speaks of a journey we’ve shared with our loved ones.  Pictures deserve to be displayed for everyone to see.  You will be able to appreciate your photographs more if they are put in frames that will not only compliment the design and theme of your home but also the moment that the picture represents.  With Umbra photo frames, you will be able to exhibit your photographs knowing that they are stored in quality and decorative holders.