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Wooden Photo Frames

This is our Wooden frames section, here all our photo frames will be either made out of wood or will have the look and feel of wood texture. Our quality frames collection has just been filled with a whole new range so this can give you even more choice within this wooden photo frames group.

Our beautiful frames are good quality and each having very different grains of wood, painted or in a different finish than the other.
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Displaying Your Pictures with High Quality Wooden Photo Frames
In almost every household you visit, there are almost always photographs displayed in every room. These photographs can certainly give a vintage or homely feel in a household. Many people use a frame to display in their home because of its classy and elegant look. There are actually different types of frames that you can choose from depending on your taste, including wooden multi photo frames.

There is this kind of frame called a Composite wood picture frame. This frame is composed of tiny pieces of different types of wood that are put together by adhesives. This type of frame is cheaper than the pure wooden frames. In addition to that, they are also made from recycled materials that is why they are very economical and environment friendly. However, there is also a downside to this. Since these frames are not made of solid wood, there is a possibility that the edges are not smoothly joined together. They are also more brittle than frames made of pure wood. Another type of wooden frame is the paper wrap. This photo frame is wrapped with paper with tiny bits of wood imprinted on them. These frames are unique and attractive to look at.

Wooden frames appear in different styles, colours, and shapes. There are thousands of wooden frame moldings that gives variety to the shapes and sizes of wooden frames we see. The most elegant and finest wooden frame moldings are manufactured in Spain and Italy. It is so obvious that when you visit these places, many of their museums, churches and other infrastructures are designed using quality wood. However, there are also substandard moulding produced in other countries like Europe. Wooden photo frames created from these moldings are far less expensive than wooden frames created from the finest ones. These moldings are usually used for volume production.

Regardless of the type of photo frame you want to purchase, you must check its quality. Check it for any defects or gaps between the edges. If you want a photo frame that would last for a lifetime, it is better to choose pure wooden frames than the composite type. Remember that you are going to use those frames to preserve a keepsake. Therefore, the picture frames that you should purchase must be of high quality to prevent your pictures from being damaged. Quality frames are definitely a must buy and a good choice for preserving and displaying your pictures.